Meet the Geeks!

Name: Jeff Martin


Short Bio: Born and raised in Kentucky, I now claim Knoxville, Tennessee as my home. My first memories  revolve around movies, setting the tone for the rest of my life. I am married with children (sorry, ladies,but  this meat is off the market). One time, I saw Lou Ferrigno shake hands with Adam West. It was one of the  greatest moments of my life.

Geek Specialties: Horror, sci-fi and action movies, particularly ones from the 70’s. I also watch a lot of  Italian horror and giallo. I ❤ Dario Argento.

Secret Superpower: Carrying on entire conversations using nothing but movie quotes, while the person I’m  speaking to has no idea what’s going on.

Who would you rather be stranded on a desert island with: Wes Craven or John Carpenter? Carpenter. He  would find a way to make music, at least. And I would much rather talk with Carpenter about what went  right with The Fog than talk with Craven about what went wrong with Cursed. Which was everything.

Contact information for X:

Twitter: @BGTNX

Google Talk: BetterGeekThanNever

Yahoo Messenger: bettergeekthannever


Skype: bgtnjeff

Name: Mark Scofield

AKA: Markolm_X; The Scofield; Sco

Short Bio: Florida born, Tennessee raised. I cut my teeth on Star Trek, Godzilla and John Carpenter’s The  Thing. Lover of zombies, pirates and martial arts. I try to read a book a week to expand my knowledge of  useless knowledge that would only be relevant in the Potpourri category of Jeopardy! If society as we know  it were to end, I’m the type of guy that would survive and be living in a castle with a working catapult (yes, I  know how to build one).

Geek Specialties: Comic books, zombies, Star Wars, pen and paper RPG’s, World of Warcraft

Secret Superpower: Arguing. I could argue with anyone over anything. I’m really good at playing the devil’s  advocate.

Que es mas macho: M. Night Shyamalan or Uwe Boll? Well, Uwe Boll literally challenged his critics to a boxing match, so I’m going Boll on this. That’s how I would like to respond to any criticism, by punching the nay-sayers in the face. Though let’s face it, Mr. Boll needs an ass kicking for Alone in the Dark and House of the Dead.

Contact information for The Scofield:

Twitter: @the_scofield_

Yahoo Messenger: sickboy240sx


Skype: the_scofield

Name: Hannah Lunsford

AKA: Cootiebug, Rags, BTS Girl

Short Bio: I am Cootie, behind-the-scenes girl for BGTN and the oft mentioned SHW to X. I am a 30 something mother of two teenagers. I’m pretty crafty and always neck deep in one project or another. I am a master of the “dick around with it till it works” way of approaching Life.  I tend to be kinda random. My brain is almost always running full force on at least 3 different tracks.

Geek Specialties: I am totally and undeniably in love with the Dark Lord Darth Vader. I can quote Tombstone backwards & forwards. Doc Holliday is one of my favorite characters in a movie ever. Beading & sewing are among my bestest talents, but I’m pretty handy with a paintbrush too. Being a zombie nurse (Hey, I snagged X that way, boys & girls; do not doubt the power of a blood stained nurse’s uniform).

Secret Superpower: Hair dye. Yeah, it seems simple, I know, but you’d be amazed how funand liberating a bottle of hair dye can be. I think everyone should put red, purple, green, blue or pink in their hair at some point in their lives.

Sharks, slugs or Sarah McLachlan? Sharks. Because, like my husband, I think that “and then the shark ate her” is the perfect ending to any story. Ever. Slugs would be a close second, because they are gross. And squirmy. And make me cringe. But I can’t think of Sarah McLachlan without thinking about sad, abused animals. And that’s just depressing as shit.

Contact information for Cootie:

Twitter: @Cootiebug77

Yahoo Messenger: RaggedRobin5


Skype: cootiebug77


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